Teamspeak 3 Theme: Planetside 2

Teamspeak 3 Theme: Planetside 2


High quality Teamspeak 3 theme is for Planetside 2. Includes themes for Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty.

I saw on the Teamspeak website that there is currently no theme for my new favorite game Planetside 2, so I decided to create one. I have used the Planetside 2 website and the game as a base for my theme, styling it to look and feel similar overall style of Planetside 2. The theme includes a complete icon pack and styled menus. I have spent a lot of time with attention to detail to ensure the menus look as good a possible.

I have you enjoy this theme as much as I have enjoyed making it.


Themes for all 3 factions

  • tr16 Terran Republic
  • vanu16 Vanu Sovereignty
  • nc16 New Conglomerate
  • ps2 Non faction specific theme
  • ps2 Minimal theme

An Icon set is also included which is fully customised to look great along with the theme. So make sure you select this when applying the theme.



Download –

Download –


version 1.7 has been released to fix issues with client 3.1

The theme now has over 10,000 hits in just a  couple of months. This theme is doing better than I ever imagined.

10000 hits

The theme has been Tweeted Margaret Krohn (@PurrfectStorm) of SOE.
So Awesome!!

Also saw a tweet with a picture of this theme being used by LadyShade of 666thDevilDogs outfit.


Version 1.7 released:

* fixed theme for ts3 client 3.1

Version 1.6 released:

*Replaced faction soldier images. Now looks even better and works better in smaller windows. note: old images are still available by un-commenting the old code in the .qss file

Version 1.5 released:

* Now has an icon pack
* Works on Mac…mostly
* now easier to see volume slider

Version 1.4 released:

* New ‘minimal’ style
* Now works with Linux
* Made it easier to read chat tab
* Tidied up the style code/images
* More bug fixes

Version 1.3 released:
* new – scroll bar replaced to look like in-game version
* new – replacement drop down arrow to look like in-game version
* improved – standardised tables and lists to look consistent
* improved – tree view colors
* improved – SpinBox ui improved
* improved – ToolButton ui improved
* improved – various ui improvements
* fixed – All disabled items now grey out
* fixed – plugins menu: check boxes now function and highlight correctly
* fixed – various bug fixes
* removed – removed some unneeded images

Version 1.2 released with minor cosmetic change
Version 1.1 released fixing memory usage issues.