Google Chrome Themes: Planetside 2

Google Chrome Themes: Planetside 2

Terran Republic chrome theme top leftNew Conglomerate chrome theme top leftVanu Sovereignty chrome theme top leftNanite Systems chrome theme top left


High quality Google Chrome themes is for Planetside 2. Includes themes for Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty.

I thought I would give creating a Google Chrome a try so I decided to create a Planetside 2 theme after the success of my Planetside 2 teamspeak 3 theme.

I have tried to design the theme so the colours reflect that of the factions but remain subtle and the colours are not over bearing.

I hope you enjoy the themes.


Themes for all 3 factions and Nanite Systems.

  • tr16Terran Republic
  • nc16New Conglomerate
  • vanu16Vanu Sovereignty
  • Nanite Systems



Planetside 2 – Terran Republic theme – Google Chrome web store
Planetside 2 – New Conglomerate theme – Google Chrome web store
Planetside 2 – Vanu Sovereignty theme – Google Chrome web store
Planetside 2 – Nanite Systems theme – Google Chrome web store