Royal Navy Engineering Technician Receives Herbert Lott Award

Royal Navy Engineering Technician Receives Herbert Lott Award

A talented Engineering Technician (Weapons Engineer) has been awarded the Herbert Lott Innovation and Invention Award for pioneering a ground-breaking mapping system on-board HMS Queen Elizabeth.

ET(WE) Daniel Gibbs received the award after creating an advanced network monitoring and defect identification capability which allows Network Group and Duty Weapon Engineers to identify real-time issues with the Internal Network Electronic Infrastructure.

Created in 1930, the Herbert Lott Naval Trust Fund was established in order to recognise those in the naval service who have significantly improved the way in which the Naval and Marines Forces operate. Now administered by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC), the funding of the award is distributed throughout the year to outstanding members of the naval fleet.

The enhancement made to HMS Queen Elizabeth will enable the country’s largest warship to better monitor the Network Management System (NMS), which controls over 900 network devices aboard the ship. In using his initiative to build a simple user interface for the NMS, ET Gibbs has created a system that will rapidly identify network issues and improve the functionality of the carrier.

Speaking about ET Gibbs’ remarkable achievement, Lieutenant Commander Simon Blois (Senior Weapons Engineer) said:

ET(WE) Gibbs thoroughly deserves his Herbert Lott award. His enduring contribution towards HMS Queen Elizabeth and the establishment of a user-friendly way of monitoring the network infrastructure is entirely unique. He stands out as an excellent example to all our Engineering technicians within the ship and the Royal Navy.

CPO Matt Whitehead, the Networks Group Head, was equally effusive regarding ET Gibbs’ innovation. He said:

ET Gibbs has created a vital tool that will be utilised across both the Queen Elizabeth class carriers, ensuring a lasting legacy which will endure.

Financial distributors of the award, Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, not only support sailors, marines and their families, but also recognise genuine talent within the naval service. Over the last ten years, the RNRMC has allocated the award’s prize money to a number of adept service people.

Past winners of the Herbert Lott award have been recognised for; the compilation of HMS Dragon’s Duty Watch roster, a Personnel Management Information Exploitation Project and the creation of a three-fold leaflet that increased the aviation community’s awareness to flight safety at Plymouth.

This year’s winner, ET(WE) Daniel Gibbs, joins former recipients of the award who have significantly improved the efficiency of the Royal Navy and Marines. Reflecting on the award, ET Gibbs said:

I am proud to have been able to work on the Navy’s most advanced warship during her build phase and make a lasting contribution to the nation’s flagship.

Contributing by making use of my IT skills, while working alongside industry partners and balancing my day to day commitments as a WE has been a difficult but an extremely rewarding challenge.

December 2017 Edition of Navy News

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ET(WE) Daniel Gibbs receives the Commanding Officer’s efficiency prize for his work on the Network Management System (NMS).

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