GTA 5 Redux

GTA 5 Redux


GTA 5 Redux is a graphical overhaul mod of Grand Theft Auto V that was released by Josh Romito. I originally offered to host the mod on to assist with distribution. However the website that was setup for GTA 5 Redux was not up to the task of handling the large volume of traffic required. So I stepped in to help and over a weekend produced a WordPress website and managed the web servers and distribution for the mod. Shortly after release Josh decided to focus on other things and stopped working on the mod. I however kept the site running and downloads available as it is very popular with GTA V players.

Over time I setup a discord server and enlisted the help of a couple of enthusiastic volunteers that help people install the mod and make sure it continues to work when the game is updated.

I will continue to host the site and distribute the mod as it is still very popular.

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