Battlefield 3 Tournament

Battlefield 3 Tournament

BF3T project is no longer active

Battlefield 3 Tournament (BF3T) is a EU based friendly Battlefield 3 (PC) tournament. Matches happen every week on Sunday at 7:00PM go live at 7:30PM (GMT/BST). Two teams are battling it out for territory on the battlemap. Who will be victorious Eagles or Vipers?

BF3T is made up of two warring factions Eagles and Vipers who both want to claim victory over the opposing force. Each army is made up of multiple clans working together for their army. Each week they meet in the field of battle with their formidable force and fight for supremacy. The battle is monitored by the ‘Battlefield Oversight Committee’ and their Field Marshall’s who ensure the battle is fair and runs smoothly. Each faction may be joined by mercenaries who have no allegiance to any faction but will join the fight.

Website :

My role in BF3T

This is a project that I participated in as a Field Marshall that assisted in all technical aspects of the running of the tournament. This included the website, Teamspeak and Battlefield 3 server setup and management.

Along with a friend of mine we set up a website that integrated with phpBB. My friend did all the back-end PHP and MySQL side of things and I created the front-end design HTML, jQuery and CSS. This also included creating a theme for phpBB to match the style of the site.

With the game server I investigated various administration panels to allow Field Marshall’s to easily control the battle on the server. Firstly using Procon then later using rconNET.


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