About Me

About Me

Daniel Gibbs
My name is Daniel Gibbs and I am a Linux systems administrator. In my spare time I am a PC gamer and enjoy scripting, and working on various IT projects.

Some Stuff I like

  • Linux
  • Websites
  • Gaming
  • Scripting
  • Theming


My Linux skills started from looking after a Debian web server and dabbling with distros at college. After taking a position as a Linux administrator at work my skills and knowledge have increased drastically.


My passion for gaming inspired me to create the website gamestand.net to promote free to play PC games and I also look after a few teamspeak servers for the gaming community I am part of spectrumgamers.com. I have previously partly organised battlefiled3tournament.com and bc2tournament.com by creating and maintaining the website, teamspeak and assisting on tournament days.


I enjoy UI design and enjoy designing themes and interfaces for programs and websites including Teamspeak, Google Chrome and Firefox.


I have written several useful BASH scripts for work including service monitoring and disk auditing tools. Several game server scripts are posted on this site that are available to use.

Contact Me

Note: If you have an issue with any LGSM scripts please do NOT email me directly. Please raise an issue on GitHub.
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Help Support my projects

Found Linux Server Manager Scripts useful?

I have spent 100’s of hours working on The Linux Server Manager scripts as something that just started off as a small script to easily setup a Killing Floor server has now turned in to a major project for me with over 70 game server scripts. I really enjoy working on this project and its a great feeling to know that I have saved people many hours in setup of a game server.

So if you want to show your appreciation there are a few ways to do it.

Thank you


If you want to donate to the project you can via PayPal.

email: [email protected]

I have had a few kind people show there support by sending me a donation.
Any donations you send help cover my server costs and buy me a drink. Cheers!

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