About Me

About Me

Daniel Gibbs
I am a Linux administrator/enthusiast and the creator of LinuxGSM. Currently serving in the Royal Navy, having the pleasure to work and utilise my IT skills on-board HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales. I started using computers at the age of 12, quickly becoming my passion and my career; after choosing to study Networking to degree level at Sheffield Hallam University and Worcester Collage of Technology. I have a broad spectrum of knowledge on various IT systems and am always interesting in learning new skills.

In my spare time I am a PC gamer, enjoy scripting, and working on various IT projects.


My interest in Linux started after managing a Debian web server (cPanel) and experimenting with various distros at college. After taking on a position as a Linux administrator my skills and knowledge increased drastically. I have experience in many systems including BASH, Git, SAMBA, rsync, Postfix, Dovecot, Hylafax, Apache, Nginx, Plesk, cPanel. With my my primary distros being Ubuntu and CentOS.


My passion for gaming inspired me to create my first major website gamestand.net, which hosts free game downloads. Initially starting as a site developed on DragonflyCMS I recently re-created the site with WordPress. I have previously helped organise and develop for battlefield3tournament.com and bc2tournament.com by creating and maintaining the website, Teamspeak 3 and assisting on tournament days.

I currently the maintainer of GTA5 Redux which involves maintaining a GTA V mod and the website.


I enjoy UI design and enjoy designing themes and interfaces for programs and websites including Teamspeak, Google Chrome and Firefox. As part of my work on board HMS Queen Elizabeth I designed an interface to allow engineers on board identify issues with the 900+ network devices.


I have previously written several useful BASH scripts for jobs including service monitoring and disk auditing tools. LinuxGSM being the most popular and ongoing script that supports over 75 game servers. Some of my work is available on GitHub.


I have been a gamer since I was very young with my first console being the Sega Mega Drive 2. I have been part of several gaming clans and community and regularly attended local LAN party’s and INSOMNIA Gaming festival. Gaming has inspired me to work on various gaming related projects helped start my interest in IT.

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Note: If you have an issue with any LinuxGSM scripts please do NOT email me directly. Please visit LinuxGSM support.