Igloo Energy: Get free £50 Credit on signup

Igloo Energy: Get free £50 Credit on signup

TL;DR £50 credit towards your gas/electricity bill when you sign up to Igloo Energy by clicking this link.

As I am always looking out for the best deals on my gas & electricity. I recently moved to Igloo energy a relatively new energy company that is offering a very cheap variable tariff and have great reviews.

One thing that Igloo offer over other energy companies is 3% interest reward on any credit you have on the account. So kind of like a savings account towards any unspent credit during the summer months.

They offer a single variable tarrif with no contact. So if you find a cheaper deal you can easily move.

So far everything has been going very well and I am happy with the service.

If you want to sign up to Igloo make sure you use a referral link either from a friend already with Igloo or using the one below if you don’t. Using the link will give you and your friend £50 credit each towards your bill saving some extra money. Enjoy!

Click here for £50 credit towards gas/electricity bill with Igloo Energy.