Cloud Backup for Synology NAS using BackBlaze B2

Cloud Backup for Synology NAS using BackBlaze B2

This tutorial will run though the set up Backblaze B2 cloud storage as a backup method for your Synology NAS using Cloud Sync.

What is Backblaze B2?

Backblaze B2 is a recently released cloud backup storage solution that works with Synology NAS (and other applications). It  charges $0.005 per GB to backup; this works out at around $5 for 1TB. By far the cheapest cloud storage solution compared to others, finally making it affordable for to use this type of solution. I found it very simple to setup by just creating a BackBlaze account and setting up a B2 Bucket the web control panel and configuring the built in Synology Cloud Sync app to backup files in my home directory.

My Previous Solution

Before I started using Backblaze B2 I was using Crashplan Central to backup my NAS. Like many people I choose Crashplan because of its cheap unlimited backup plan that I have been using for several years. I even have several of my family using my server to backup there stuff. This has been a great solution for me even if i am not a massive fan of their java client.

I purchased a Synology NAS a little while ago and moved my Crashplan client to the Synology NAS. this method however is not officially supported and I found it to be very unreliable. The Crashplan client regularly broke after it updated and was resource hungry which drastically slowed performance of the NAS. After a while I moved the Crashplan client from the NAS to its own virtual machine on my server; however it was still not that reliable.

Synology Cloud Sync

Synology Diskstation Manager has cloud file sync software called Cloud Sync. This allows you to sync files with a cloud storage provider such as Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and others. This tool can be used to backup directory’s to a B2 storage bucket so you always have an up to date version of your files in the cloud.

The only caveat so far is that Cloud Sync does not have as in-depth versioning like with Synology Hyper Backup or Crashplan. I have already placed a request on the Synology forum for B2 Hyper Backup support. I also asked Backblaze if versioning is available with Cloud Sync and they replied that it is available but not configurable beyond keeping old versions or not. So this solution should work fine for most people.

How to Setup B2 with Synology Cloud Sync

Prepare a B2 Bucket

1. Firstly to sign up to Backblaze B2 and log in.

Backblaze B2 Signup

2. Create a bucket under B2 Cloud Storage.

Backblaze - Create a Bucket

3. Give your bucket a name and make sure it is private.

Cloud Sync - Create a Bucket

4. Now you will need your Account ID and Application Key. Select Show Account ID and Application Key.

Backblaze - Create a Bucket

5. Take note of your Account ID. Click “Create Application Key” and also take note.

Cloud Sync - Account ID

You are now ready to link your bucket to Cloud Sync.

Setup Cloud Sync

1. Install Cloud Sync from the Package Center.

Synology - Package Center

2. Open Cloud Sync from the DSM dropdown menu.

Cloud Sync - App

3. Click on the plus sign.

Cloud Sync - Plus

4. Select Backblaze B2 from the list of cloud providers.

CloudSync open

5. Enter the details you have from the B2 bucket setup and click next.

  • Account ID
  • Application key
  • Bucket name

CloudSync enter details

6. Select your task settings.

  • Connection name: The name you want to show up as in the Cloud Sync list.
  • Local path: The directory you want to backup.
  • Remote path: the remote B2 directory you want to backup to.
  • Sync direction: Upload local changes only.
  • Enable advanced consistency check (more resources required): Optional setting.
  • Data encryption: You can encrypt your files and set a password for you backup in the bucket.
  • Don’t remove files in the destination folder when they are removed in the source folder: Required for proper backups.

Cloud Sync - Task Setting

7. Finally you will confirm the settings and complete the setup.

Synology DSM Cloud Sync

Your NAS will now start backing up your files to your B2 bucket. You will notice a Cloud Sync icon show up in the top right corner of DSM telling you it is syncing. When completed it will change to a green tick.

Further Notes

It is worth altering the polling period setting to avoid “Class C Translations Cap” issue.

Backblaze B2 Reaching “Class C Transactions Cap” with Synology NAS