Linux Game server manager – Major update 011013

Linux Game server manager – Major update 011013

New update released makes some major changes and adds new features to the scripts.

Change Summary

  • New Feature: Backup
  • New Feature: Console
  • Depreciated: SCREEN command
  • Added: Tmux to replace SCREEN
  • Improved: Logging
  • Improved: UI changes

Backup Feature

The new backup feature is designed to create a full archive backup of your server allowing your to backup before making changes to your server. Should you have issues you can replace your server with the backup version.

this can be found under

./[scriptname] backup

Console Feature

Console allows you to view the live console of a server as it is running and allow yo to enter commands to it.

This new feature is using tmux and replaces SCREEN which is quite long in the tooth and had issues with re attaching sessions. Tmux makes it extremely easy to attach and detach sessions. This allows you even more control over your server. For more info on tmux visit there official site

./[scriptname] console

Improved Logging

Console logging is now enabled allowing you to see what is having on the server console and what commands have bene entered.

Various other logging improvements have been made to make is easier to track what the server has been doing and what commands have been entered. For example you can see if someone has used debug mode, entered the console or started a backup.

all logs can be accessed in the log/ directory

Improved Email notification

Improvements to email notifications allowing you to see all server logs including script, server and console logs.

How to Upgrade

1. First backup your server before attempting an upgrade

2. Install the new dependency

apt-get install tmux


yum install tmux

3. Download the script again as in the install instructions.

4. Instead of running the installer create a new directory as follows.

mkdir log/console

This will allow the console logs to be saved

5. Copy any variable changes from your backup to the updated script. For example any modified parms and re enable email notification if needed.

The server should now run correctly with the new version.

Reporting Bugs

This is quite a major change in terms of coding so if anyone spots a bug please report it on GitHub and I can address it. Thank you