Two new Linux server scripts released

Two new Linux server scripts have been released

  • Great to see this. I have been looking everywhere for something like this, as I am not a Linux geek – have had many frustrations and considered to switch back to Windows for my gameservers. I followed two of your scripts and it worked as per guide. Brilliant. It has boosted my confidence to continue. Next step is to link some of your commands to my Virtualmin/ Webmin but that is for another day :). Do you plan to add Age of Chivalry? Is MW3 now on Steamcmd?

    • Hello Whoops. I’m glad to hear the scripts have helped you and are boosting your confidence with Linux. As once you are more confient with Linux you will find it is a brilliant tool it can just be a little scary at first glance.

      My plan is to create as many scripts a possible if the demand is there. However there are quite a few games servers that only run on Windows. Age of Chivalry and MW3 is in the category I believe. You might be able to get this to work with Wine however I will only write scripts that work nativly with Linux (becuase it would be a pain overwise). However if you post and moan about this enough to the developers they may port to Linux. This was just done with Natural Selection 2 who have just released a Linux port.

  • Good to hear you are planning to add more scripts. Demand is there but eventually you will probably need to setup a team of volunteers and a forum to match. The format you are using is the key; simple and common sense. I hate it when I visit a forum with a problem and they just reply do a, b and c without actually explaining what to do. I have tried Wine and with my limited skills could not get it to work. OpenGL drivers were not loaded. Just a nightmare and I have ditched the idea for now.

    As for natively for Linux. Call of Duty 4 and 5 should work. You will have to use Windows files (not wine) and then overwrite it with the Linux files. I was going to test later this week. Should work as I have had that on my CentOs before. There is also a native Linux Punkbuster.

  • linuxgeek

    there is a setup for mw3 on steam and there is one for 4d1 that can run on linux as a server

  • Is that native Linux re MW3?

    • I am unsure. I havnt see one on SteamCMD maybe there is a download somewhere

  • Whoops

    Linuxgeek, do you mean using wine?

    • I just confirmed MW3 is Windows only and requires WINE.

  • Vitaly

    Hi, I see a lot of scripts and a lot of people who says that they are brilliant but where is the man? I have CSS DOD and CS servers and I don’t understand how to use your scripsts. I tried to put them in the game dir. It didn’t work. Tried to change permissions but it didn’t work. The should be a small man how to use them.

    • There are full instructions on how to install the scripts on the specific script pages. As long as you follow the instructions you should be able to install them. Look at the top of this site click on Linux Game Server Scripts and select the server you want to install. Follow the instructions. Job done.

      • Vitaly

        I think the problem is in the first step:
        1. Create a user and login
        If i don’t the script won’t work will it? And what if Someone uses the only one special user for dedicated servers? for example: games:games? Thanx for fast reply.

        • That might work however I did not design the scripts to have multiple servers per user this was to keep them separate form each other. You can try to get it working but I cannot help with this. You can however have the username called anything you like.

          • Vitaly

            It doesn’t work. It’s just my wish. The scripts would be more usefull if there was an apportunity to specify user and group. By the way, i think that server files should be owned by the different users your scripts require to be created. Thus we should create tfserver, csserver and so on… itis no convenient. If possible think over “multiple servers per one user” or “specify user and group” and it’ll make the scripts invaluable. Thanks for attention. Good luck.

          • I am not sure what you are on about. I have and use multiple servers using the same user. Daniel just gave you a guide in how to use/ setup the user. It is up to you how you create the users. By following the guide, my servers are running fine. I created and assigned a different user as per guide.

  • Vitaly

    All I want is multiple servers running per only one user and don’t want to create csssserver, tfserver, dodserver and so on. I have a user “dedserv” and it should start all of the games. That’s what i need. And all files of gaming servers are belong to this common user and not csssserver, tfserver, dodserver. Thanks guys for attention.