Planetside 2 New Conglomerate Chrome theme update v1.1.3

Planetside 2 New Conglomerate Chrome theme update v1.1.3


I have updated the New Conglomerate Google Chrome theme with the following changes.



  • theme frame image errors again. Reduced size of the frame image.


  • theme frame image error on webstore re-uploaded to fix.


  • Improved the toolbar image to make horizontal lines more visible.


  • Improved inactive colors by removing the tints on inactive and having the a darker blue instead.
  • Made improvements to incognito mode.
  • Gave the toolbar a more full blue colour.
  • Gave the inactive tab and the right buttons a more full yellow colour.
  • Made the left arrow buttons stand out more.
  • Extended the frame background to stop a sudden change in colour on the left side of the theme.
  • Reduced the length of the gradient so 1024×768 resolution gets a lighter colour on the right side.
  • Changed the colour of the most visited preview border to black instead of white.


Planetside 2 – New Conglomerate theme – chrome web store