x2goserver- Dependancy Issue

x2goserver- Dependancy Issue

update: This has now been resolved and x2goserver now works with RHEL and is derivatives

The latest update to x2goserver ( for RHEL and its derivatives currently have an issue where if you try to install x2goserver it requires a dependency that is not part of Red Hat. xorg-x11-fonts-core is a part of OpenSuse and not Red Hat yet the rpm requests it.


I have asked the question on server fault but it looks like this is a software bug that I cannot resolve without it being fixed by the development team. I have left a message on there IRC. Hopefully someone will pick it up and resolve the issue soon.


Update 28/02/13:

The developers have seen the issue and looks like they may of resolved it. Hopfully the fix will go in to the repository soon