Fedora 17: Install Transmission Headless Server with Web Interface

Fedora 17: Install Transmission Headless Server with Web Interface

This is a brief tutorial on how to install transmission headless server with web interface and blocklists on Fedora 17.

Note: if transmission desktop client running on the server turn this off.

First install the transmission daemon. This will allow the software to run as a system service

yum install transmission-daemon

Before turning on the service the settings should be configured first as transmission must be off to change the settings file.

vi /var/lib/transmission/.config/transmission/settings.json

There will be many options already in the settings.json file however we only need to look at a few to get the server started.

Firstly we can enable the blocklist to block unwanted IP addresses.
I recommend the Bluetack level 1 blocklist more info about this can be found here

"blocklist-enabled": true,
"blocklist-url": "http://list.iblocklist.com/?list=bt_level1&fileformat=p2p&archiveformat=gz",

Next we need to allow other computers on your network to connect to the web interface.
You can set IP addresses you want to allow access to the web interface. However I have chosen to allow all computers access to it.

"rpc-whitelist": "*.*.*.*",
"rpc-whitelist-enabled": false,

Now to set a username and password to stop everyone from being able to access the web interface.

"rpc-password": "password",
"rpc-username": "username",

Save the settings. Now we will enable the service and get it running.

systemctl enable transmission-daemon.service
systemctl start transmission-daemon.service

transmission daemon will now start on boot and it running

You are now able to access the web interface

It is a good idea to run though the settings before starting, to make sure everything is correct. For example setting “Require encryption”.

That should be it now you can download using your headless transmission server!